Misdemeanors vs. Felonies

When you are facing criminal charges at the state or federal level in Texas, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney to fight for you. It is crucial that you contact an attorney immediately upon being arrested if you are facing state charges and immediately upon learning you are under investigation in the case of federal charges. Never take any criminal charges lightly; even a DUI offense can cost you time, money and have long-term consequences.

Texas Misdemeanor Charges

Under the laws of Texas, per Tex. Penal Code Ann. § 12.03 misdemeanor charges are broken out into classes A, B and C. Class C misdemeanors are the least serious and subject to fines; crimes like petty theft of property less than $50 would be classified as a Class C misdemeanor.

Other misdemeanor crimes are punishable by fines and time in the state jail and could include charges of possession of 2 ounces or less of marijuana, carrying a gun without a permit or other non-violent crimes. Class A and B misdemeanors are often subject to mandatory sentencing so it is important your criminal defense attorney is experienced in getting charges reduced whenever possible.

DWI charges are typically considered a misdemeanor crime but in addition to criminal charges, you will also have to deal with administrative charges through the Texas Department of Transportation.

Texas Felony Charges

If you are facing felony charges under Tex. Penal Code Ann. § 12.04, you need to work with a skilled, experienced criminal defense attorney immediately. The lesser degree of felony charges, a third degree felony, is punishable by a minimum of six months in state prison. These charges must be taken seriously because in addition to a life-long arrest record, you will also lose certain rights including the right to carry a firearm and the right to vote.

Federal Charges in Texas

There are certain white collar crimes such as embezzlement that could be charged on a federal level. There are also specific drug charges that could be elevated to federal charges. Should you learn you are under investigation for any federal crimes, it is important to speak to an attorney who has experience dealing with federal charges.

In addition to the humiliation of being arrested and facing charges, you could be looking at life-long ramifications if you are subsequently found guilty of any charges. An arrest and conviction could impact your ability to find housing, seek student loans or find employment. Regardless of the types of charges you are facing in Texas, contact The Law Office of Alejandro Macias, PC at 832-415-3069 for assistance.

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