Alejandro Macias

Attorney Alejandro Macias pursued his passion for justice and earned his Juris Doctor at the South Texas College of Law in 2001. He launched his legal career while working at Hinton, Sussman, Bailey & Davidson. Currently, he operates his own law firm in Houston, TX, and focuses his practice on criminal law.

A Stellar Reputation

Throughout his 15 years of practicing law, he has earned a reputation of excellence among both legal peers and clients. His legal peers give him accolades for his in-depth knowledge of criminal law, professional application of the law and client commitment. Among his many clients, he is valued for his personalized approach, compassion and legal expertise. Many clients choose attorney Alejandro Macias due to his long track record of success. He aggressively fights on their behalf for a dismissal of charges, reduced charges, parole instead of prison time and reduced sentencing.

Support Throughout the Criminal Justice Process

From arraignment to pre-trial and trial to appeal, attorney Alejandro renders both legal and emotional support for his clients. Facing a potential criminal conviction is stressful, as there’s a lot on the table. Jail time, costly fines, loss of employment and a tarnished reputation loom in the background. Attorney Alejandro Macias works closely with clients to ensure that they are treated fairly throughout the whole criminal justice process and keeps clients updated as their case progresses. His client focused approach helps ease the stress.

Expect attorney Alejandro Macias to be upfront. If the evidence against you points to guilt, he may recommend opting for a plea bargain. He’ll outline the advantages and disadvantages of taking a plea, so you can make an informed decision. He’ll also negotiate for the best deal on your behalf with the prosecutor.

If the case goes to trial, attorney Alejandro Macias will have witnesses and exhibits meticulously prepared. Witness statements , police reports and the careful evaluation of evidence, such as DNA and ballistic reports, are reviewed prior to trial. He develops a strong criminal defense strategy based on all of this information. The goal is to attain a not guilty verdict from the jury. In the courtroom, he is a powerful litigator before the judge and jury.

If you’ve been charged with a crime, turn to attorney Alejandro Macias for the best outcome. Let his experience work for you.

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